Innovation & Expansion, 2010
Design and storyboards for six projected films that seek to tie history and cartography together to create a visual history that demonstrates causality. Within this interactive, factors like cross continental railroad expansion, the silver mining boom, steamboat commerce and modern amenities offer a visual analogy to the movement of people and the dispersal of population. While this installation reveals layers of historical information, the secondary goal is to make these stories human, tangible and real by illustrating each macro story with a relevant archival family story. These smaller family stories illustrate the larger visual history on a first person level by leveraging objects and images that seamlessly move, open and transform.

Designed at Local Projects
Creative Director: Jake Barton / Art Director: Katie Lee
Animation: Brian Oakes Design
Client: National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA
Exhibit design: Gallagher & Associates
Exhibit photography & video: Ariel Efron and Nat Ward